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Horseback Riding in Mauritius: Les Calèches du Paradis

Swapping my cosy blanket for an adventure stick! This phrase should have been my motto in 2020 - 2021. However, due to the endless sanitary restrictions and lockdown, my adventure stick stayed at home for quite some time. But, as soon as life got back to "normal" I took back my adventure stick to enjoy the outdoors and try new things.

I went on a horseback ride adventure with Les Calèches du Paradis. I thought, why not share my little experience with you? It can inspire you on your next adventures.

That's how the day went and the things I've learned along the way.

In December, my close family was on vacation in Mauritius. It was the perfect time to kick off my adventures in the "wild". My cousin and godfather love horses as much as I do, and when I heard their plans for a horse ride, I couldn't pass. After our research, we stumbled on Les Calèches du Paradis. It was located in Grand-Baie, a perfect spot because we were 10 mins away.

My cousin & godfather next to the horses: Kara & Jack

We searched for their number online and booked our horseback ride for the 29th of December. Early in the morning at 8:30ish, our horses Emma 14 yrs, Jack 5 yrs and Kara 14 yrs were already waiting for us for a little prepping time.

What I love about Les Calèches du Paradis is how they treat their horses. The owner Kimberline wears her heart on the sleeves and goes above and beyond for the well-being of her horses. That place feels serene and peaceful. They have a huge outdoor space where the horses can chill out under the sun.

After a lengthy conversation with Kimberline, we got an insight into the life at Les Calèches du Paradis, the difficulties surrounding the horses' food and a little history of the horses that stay in their riding stables.

I'll qualify this equestrian centre as a sanctuary for horses. They are showered with so much love and care.

We had two experienced guides: Akash and Kat, both were good vibes and caring. They were the perfect professionals who made our horse riding adventure fun and exciting.

I went into the journey knowing that I rode a horse only once in my lifetime. Basically when I was in kindergarten. I was a bit stressed, but it turned out to be a one-of-a-kind experience.

Emma, catching up on her sleep

Magestic horse sunbathing

I wish I had more pictures but here's a Lil showdown of what went down...

We saddled up and rode away into the pineapple fields and I was gobsmacked by the natural beauty of Daruty Forest. Trust me, you are instantly disconnected from reality due to the beauty of the surrounding. I would have never thought that such a beautiful forest was hidden in Grand Baie.

My horse Emma was marvellous, she took the perfect pace that would suit me every step of the way. She was calm and at times she would treat herself with some fresh greens.

During the whole horseback riding, Kat, the guide made sure that I was doing ok. I won't hide that my knees were hurting (because am an extra-joint). So, she always checked on me, making sure that the pace was slow enough. At some point Akash, the other guide joined me because I was unable to catch up with the pace of my cousin and godfather. They were galloping and here I was chilling on Emma having the time of my life.

My 1 hour horseback riding was something to remember. I've enjoyed every piece of it except for the bum and knees pain, haha but it was all worth the detour. Les Calèches du Paradis is the place you should choose for your next horseback riding venture.

Thanks for reading, stay tuned for my next adventures!

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1 opmerking

AnneMarie Williams
AnneMarie Williams
22 jan. 2022

Wow this is an amazing place .which make me feel having a peace of mind just looking at the surroundings . For sure I will go there for a ride on a horse on my next visit to our beautiful island Mauritius .

Thanks to the writer who shared this article and make us discover out island .

Thank you for inspiring others as well.


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