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Hook a chef in Mauritius for your special events

The 25th of December was special for many reasons. On top of having all my family gathering together to spend some quality time, we had a chef coming home to prepare some gastronomy cuisine- deliciously made with love. We hired Hook A Chef from Facebook and, their bio was correct. They were a dynamic duo of professionals providing succulent food and high-quality service with a touch of humour and good vibes.

Hook A Chef offers various options to match your culinary needs. They offer Mauritian cuisine on top of BBQ, French, Halal, Vegan, Kosher and Mediterranean food. You name it, the chef prepares it!

The menus and cuisines are designed to make your special event even more special.

As an appetizer, we had a Local Palm heart salad, a pickle of white fresh tuna carpaccio with molasses vinaigrette. That dish was de-li-ci-ous, the seasoning was made with finesse. Simple & tasty! If I could get a second plate trust me It would have been gone within minutes. The texture of the tuna, the sauce, oh dear, couldn't recommend more of that dish.


Look at the plating, please! If that's not art, change my name. The little pearls are so extra and are here for it!

As for the main course we had: miso-ginger glazed sea bass with vegetable stir fry, local yam puree with garlic and combat creamy sauce. My taste buds were chanting as the flavours were exploding. Thanks to that creamy sauce made in heaven. The sea bass was tasty, cooked perfectly and slightly crisp on top. It was a culinary voyage into the woods accompanied by edible flowers.

Top food presentation and plating techniques.

Our sweet course was these two succulent desserts; dark chocolate temptation and grated ice cubes with exotic fruit flavours. My favourite was the dark chocolate temptation. It was exquisite! If you hire Hook A Chef I would highly recommend this treat.

Dark chocolate temptation

With Hook A Chef, you will savour a tasteful dining experience at your home with your dearest guests.

"Glaçons râpés" with tropical fruits

The food was unbelievably tasteful, a one-of-a-kind experience to repeat.

Thanks for reading!

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1 Comment

AnneMarie Williams
AnneMarie Williams
Jan 24, 2022

DELICIOUS gastronomy meal with KEVIN the chef on Christmas day with my family. INFORGETTABLE day

I would not hesitate to go for a,second one dish on my next visit to Mauritius .

He is the best .


I recommend those who are reading this article to give these meals a try.

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