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(Disclaimer, this is not a sponsored post all the opinions are my own)

The idea of Aste Lokal came from Instagram, I was scrolling for endless hours, as usual, when I came across several Mauritian brands. I was exposed to a new realm of jewellery, clothing, natural and sustainable products, created by passionate people.

I was struck by the number of local businesses that were paving their way into the fast-paced society but with the desire to be more sustainable, ethical and customer-driven. A few days went by and it was already lockdown. And that virus was back like the sword of Damocles hanging over our heads, but the perfect time to turn to local businesses and support the made in Mauritius.

I fell in love with a few brands one of which was KOTPIALE. The name, the story of the brand, the vibe, the shirts and tag-lines, colours, all felt right to give a try. Guess what, I was not disappointed.

Once the goods were delivered right on my doorsteps, and although we were in lockdown, I couldn't resist rocking my CHEMISER FILLE MOBILET KONFI t-shirt. This one was my first choice, the fit is impeccable, cropped in the front with little mobilet design everywhere. It is super cute.

The ALOUDA LIMONADE t-shirt was THE shirt I was dying to have. I don't know but it reminded me of the times I would go to Port-Louis with my grandma, find a not-so-busy spot to drink some fresh alouda with ice cream. I guess, people went crazy on that one, and unfortunately, I couldn't get my hands on that t-shirt. But I'll surely keep an eye out for a possible restock.

So, I chose the t-shirt - MO GAGN EN KALITE.

Soft, good quality, cosy, Tuck in jeans during lockdown while working from home. Who said, you cannot wear new clothing when no one else is watching.

Another fav of mine is the MAURITIAN AF t-shirt. Love the simplicity of that one-liner shirt. Insider news, my grandma loves it as well *wink eye* Even though I would rarely choose white t-shits, I just couldn't resist having this one in my wardrobe cause they said it best: Pli Morisien Ki Morisien.

Last but not least, t-shirt POT KONFI, This t-shirt won the award for the most worn T-shirt during this lockdown (voted by me ;). Whether it was for my interviews or while working from home, I would always wear this t-shirt. Cosy, oversized with nice graphics. I couldn't ask for more.

Mo content konfi, capave toiii aussi. So this t-shift might be your next favourite. And, the colour though...I can't get over it.

KOTPIALE has a few t-shirts designed to be suitable to both men and women.

From my experience, all the items I bought are really good value for money. We pay for the quality and comfort. So, make sure you stop by their website if you are looking for a cool t-shirt.

Each month, I'll buy, test and review some Mauritian brands. To share my views and support their amazing work. If you are considering consuming more responsibly, I'll highly encourage you to check our local businesses. Just like KOTPIALE there are loads of brands doing an amazing job. Thanks for reading.

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