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Welcome to Aste Lokal, a new category on the blog focusing exclusively on our talented Mauritian artisans. To start on the right foot I had to introduce you to Fagiani BiOrganic's products. I fell in love with this brand ever since I started using their products and my grandma will definitely confirm because she is a fan as well.

Fagiani BiOrganic is a brand specialised in natural cosmetics and aromatherapy. The brand offers a wide range of cosmetic remedies and treatments to suit your needs. You may already know the brand but here's my experience after using several of their products within a few weeks.

Hair Oil

One of the aspects of reviewing products is also about sharing our issues. For the past 2 years, I've experienced hair loss. Shredding and thinning of my hair. The advantage of having curly hair is that it may not be too obvious. I will wear scarfs when the shredding is excessive and recently I had a hair cut. It happens that there are periods where my hair is healthy but lately it started falling back again, on top of having an itchy scalp. So, I decided to try this Hair Oil by Fagiani BiOrganic.

Najla Fagiani recommends using the oil twice a week. Therefore, during the past weeks before sleeping I would rub some oil in the palm of my hand and massage it thoroughly into my scalp. I would instantly feel a relief, soothing the itchiness. After only 1 to 2 weeks, I could feel a huge difference. The oil has strengthen my weak hair and improved its texture. Above all, it has slowed my hair loss. As days go by I can notice the positive change.

Organic shampoo and conditioner

I have only good things to say about this shampoo and conditioner. For years now I have been using the shampoo and conditioner with ingredients like sulphate, parabens to name a few. Well, these are harmful ingredients to avoid.

I wanted something more organic because of my hair problems and thus, I chose these two products. While the shampoo is enriched with aloe vera, the conditioner is a nice blend of four conditioning natural additives that will strengthen and make your hair shine. Both have been mainly prepared to benefit all hair types. They are the perfect hair therapy that will nourish and treat your hair in depth.

My hair feels so strong, deeply nourish and clean. This is why I will highly recommend switching to these natural products. Your scalp and hair deserve the best treatment.

The sinusitis 100% Organic Roll On

Friends, I have acute allergies which means that I'll sneeze back and forth for hours. Those who know the pain will understand how tiring that can be. My allergies are mostly triggered by humidity or dust and in some instances strong perfume. So, when I saw this sinusitis roll I said Grace why not give it a try knowing that the smell could be strong. That concern was completely swept away once I got the sinusitis roll in my possession. The smell was so nice and very pleasant. It's been weeks now and am completely blown away by its virtues. It helps me daily and am weighing my words.

Monoi Oil

My curls have been on holidays for a few months now. They were not well defined because of my hair issues. And after only 1 week using this Monoi oil, the curls have bounced back again.

I apply the oil after washing my hair. I call it my magical oil. My hair and splits ends love it, my skin loves it, my grandma lives for it. I've already ordered another one because that oil is just awesome and the smell is divine.

The below image is the before and after using the oil. The curls are more defined.

The Monoi oil also works wonders for people suffering from dandruff, dry skin, acne, psoriasis, eczema, split ends, frizzy hair, sunburn, skin discolouration, wrinkles, blemishes, age spots, hair loss, a weak immune system, oxidative stress and other inflammatory conditions.

If you want to try these products, contact Najla Fagiani on her Instagram. She'll help you choose the product that fits the need of your skin, and hair type. She even prepares product on exclusive demand. Follow her IG for the best tips. She explains thoroughly how to use the products during her Instagram Live.

I love the Ingredient transparency of her products. To top it all off, the ingredients are natural, pure and worth its value for money. They are of very high quality, affordable and made with love.

During this lockdown my products were delivered by nulivrer but, you can also request for your products to be sent by the post or for a pick up at her house.

Buying local is great for you, for the planet, the economy and the small businesses. This year, I took the decision to change my way of consumption that is by investing my money into locally-owned brands. To help friends, neighbours and local businesses. We are a small island packed with talented entrepreneurs like Najla Fagiani that work relentlessly to offer the best quality products. With our help and support, we will ultimately strengthen the base of our community.

There will be more reviews of Fiagiani Biorganic's products on the blog because by the time I publish this post, I have already ordered a bunch of her products such as soaps, clay masks, lip kit and a few products for my grandma.

Check out her website, she is currently working on it and I can't wait to see more.

Stay tuned.

Until next time, take care and stay safe.

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