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The Little Big People never goes out of style - Aste Lokal

Notebook Kokass numero 17, 14, 16 and 15

In today's review, I'm diving right into the world of The Little Big People. I fell in love with this Mauritian stationery brand this year. The bold characters' side-eyeing on the front covers of these notebooks caught my attention. Since then, my interest grew in these one-of-a-kind little big people.

The aesthetic of this brand is everything. The quality is even more impressive. The uniqueness makes it a cut above the rest. Once you own a notebook from The Little Big People, trust me, you'll want to become a part of their family. The Little Big People follows my every step. They are handy, not too bulky, and the perfect size to slide into my tote bag.

Notebook Serye numero 9

When I'm at a Cafe brainstorming ideas or in a restaurant, waiting for the food to arrive, I swear they go everywhere with me. This local brand specialises in stationery products such as planners, agendas, notebooks, stickers, wish cards and more. A panoply of writing materials that will help you organise your daily tasks.


Where to find The Little Big People?

Le Rendez Vous Shop at La Croisette

I bought my stuff online from Le Rendez Vous. But if you are nearby Grand-Baie at la Croisette or Moka, you can stop by this shop to pick up yours. Le Rendez -Vous has a selection of local products ranging from clothing, shoes, accessories, kid's outfit and more. Trust me when I say that there's a lot in store for you. Of course, The Little Big People's agendas, notebooks, wish cards, paintings & even more are right there at your fingertips.

You can also shop for the products directly from The Little Big People's online shop.

I found these products great gift ideas for friends and family. They are not only different from what's on the market right now but also super stylish.

The Little Big People never goes out of style...

Wish cards

Now and then, the brand comes up with new collections portraying new characters. The stationaries are of limited edition, with a serial number. These make the agendas and notebooks even more special. With the rise of mass consumption in society, producing on a small scale means less waste and consuming local brands means you're injecting money back into the local economy. These are some of the reasons I highly recommend this brand. It's a choice of quality.

"My wish for you is to always listen to your little or big creative soul" - The Little Big People

The artist behind The Little Big People has a flair for art. Under the stroke of a brush, she turns colours into folkloric personas and striking illustrations. Jump into her world packed with imaginary characters that will keep you company while you jot down your creative notes. That sums up the whole world of The Little Big People...

Thanks for reading, see you soon for a new aste lokal review. Until then stay connected by joining 6 PINS IN A SHOE on Instagram!

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