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Grace's Chronicles #6 Collecting Daily Miracles

Our life is not mundane, it is made up of tiny little miracles scattered every step of the way. But we are too busy with the worries of life. If you take a spec of time to enjoy the glimpses of miracles that life gives you, I guarantee you, your life will change.

I'm often asked, how do you stay positive all the time? It's just that I wake up and sleep with a grateful heart. I try not to rush too often. If I run I miss out on these little blessings. It might be a beam of light that the sun throws at us, an old gentleman smiling, my grandma's cup of tea, the rain, a flower blooming or a leaf on the ground...

Collecting miracles and turning the mundane into EXTRAORDINARY is now a full-time job.

Life is such a blessing. When outdoors or indoors, look around you with new lenses. Filter the beauty of life and make it your shelter. Listen to the breeze singing, watch the scenery, it's your gift. Hold it tight and don't let it slip away like a grain of sand - never to return!

One day we will leave this earth, but before that, we have to collect as many miracles as possible. We have to see the beauty in the little things. My heart always skips a beat when I watch the sun glistening on the water. These are the little things that make me happy. How about you? I believe as we grew, we lost count of the magnificence surrounding us. We are always running towards the having. Instead of enjoying what we already have.

Make it a vow, to enjoy the little things of life. Slow down, and bring your awareness to the present moment. Once I've collected my blessings I spill them out in my journal. I give thanks for all the little things that made me smile during the day.

Live your life with a grateful heart even when you are in the middle of a storm. Let gratitude be your light!

Will you collect your miracles daily?

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Thanks for reading!

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