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Grace's Chronicles #4: My sweet dose of honey!

We all know how festivals are with half-drunk and conscious humans. Good, mediocre and bad music, and never-ending queues to the toilets. Going to festivals is something I've been doing with friends for years, but I recently took a subscription for solo ones.

I love music as much as bees love honey. I'd say it's my nectar. I feed my soul with classic, pop or upbeat sounds. One day I got tired of relying on friends, to get my sweet dose of honey. Without thinking twice, I bought a ticket for my first solo music festival. I will admit that it was as scary as Frankenstein but oh so worth it. When you love something just do it.

Don't wait for a good samaritan to claim your sweet dose of honey.

I have a few rules when I go to a music festival alone. I don't go too early, around 7 pm usually. Stay there for about 4 hours. Yeah, festivals are cool, but going solo is a sport. *Cough* I usually get home before the clock strikes midnight. I don't want the magic to fade away or be stuck in traffic. I stay in crowded places, it's better this way. Drink from water bottles instead of cups. And the last rule is to have fun!

I will admit it was weird at first. I didn't know where to go or how to act. You are basically with yourself while others are jumping and roaring, flipping their hair back and forth. But, I slowly got into the tempo, to find my mark. My body was now in harmony with every tune. The little anxiety that was tickling my being vanished away with the hundreds of faces around me. I was enjoying every moment. I was dancing under the flicking neon lights while my mind was running out of time.

I felt empowered. I wish I could dissect every inch of my emotions that felt unreal. But, as you can imagine that feeling is unique.

Our comfort zone keeps us in jail, doing little things to burst our bubble is so important for our personal growth.

My goal with Grace's Chronicles is to open a page of my diary each Sunday. To share my adventures. To twist and turn your mind with the little world of mine. And what if it inspires you, to break your routine to find your sweet dose of honey?

Trust me everyone is in their world. Don't let your eyes do weird acrobatics to see if the world is judging you. No one is judging you for being alone. Think of it that way.! Being alone is your superpower.

If you are anxious, start small. Treat yourself to lunch or have a Café on your own. See it as little seeds you'll grow that will eventually bloom.

That's how I've been enjoying my sweet dose of honey. Without waiting for a yes from a friend. My own Yes is enough!

And what's your sweet dose of honey, share it with me.

Thanks for reading.

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AnneMarie Williams
AnneMarie Williams
Mar 14, 2023

Love this


Sep 18, 2022

Hi, Grace, nice to meet you - thanks for visiting my blog (Ephemera) and for commenting!

I like doing solo stuff (I'm an introvert), and my sweet "dose of honey" is thrift shopping. I like being around people (not necessarily interacting with them) and I like the "in my brain"-ness of the treasure hunt. I love going to see shows, but I go with friends/husband. I love that you carved out that space for yourself!

Sep 23, 2022
Replying to

Hello Sheila Happy to see you here. Welcome to the community. I love your sweet dose of honey- I enjoy thrift shopping and shows as well. Have a lovely weekend.

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