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Grace's Chronicles #3: Know your worth then Add Tax!

Life is such a blessing. Wake up with a grateful heart knowing that each day is a gift. Don't pay attention to negativity or criticism. Or at least filter what will serve you for a better good.

You have control over what you decide to spend your energy on. People's perception of you is only a reflection of themselves. So, know your WORTH, then ADD TAX!

Don't dim your light or shrink back in fear or in insecurity. I didn't know my worth and as a result, I played small. Too small, too often. When you feel inadequate, just remember that you are sufficient beyond measure. So, know your WORTH, then ADD TAX!

Never sell yourself short, it doesn't serve the world. Shine so bright and share the gift you've buried within. Everyone deserves to witness your true potential. So, know your WORTH, then ADD TAX!

Too many times, I've placed people on a pedestal, for no clear reason. I've treated them like stars, they've treated me like a fan. There's nothing wrong with admiring someone for their skills or flair. It becomes toxic when you place them above you and consider yourself beneath just like a doormat! So, know your WORTH, then ADD TAX!

We are all unique individuals with great potential. Why would you undermine yourself? Why would you stay in relationships where no respect is served? Why would you stay in a job that undervalues your skills? Why would you stay with friends who use you at their convenience? You show people how to treat you. So, know your WORTH, then ADD TAX!

Leave the table if respect is no longer being served

Who is on your boat, weighing you down?

Think about it now, but I guess you already know deep down. Always remember that there are two types of friends, family members, and colleagues. We have the bucket fillers, those who are by your side, encouraging and filling your bucket with positive energies. They build you up through words and actions thus both of your buckets stay full.

But we also have bucket dippers, those who are always depleting your energy. Their actions and words will tear you down leaving dips into your bucket and taking away anything positive. So, know your WORTH, then ADD TAX!

You choose who floats your boat. Make the right choice Or you might drown with lungs filled with regrets.

You are a supernova, an explosion of abundance, uniqueness, and anything in between. But, if you fail to acknowledge your WORTH, you'll always settle for less. Swap your cosy blanket for an adventure stick, and dare to make changes today, for a better tomorrow.

So, know your WORTH, then ADD TAX!

Thanks for reading!

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You inspire me and I needed to hear these words.

Thank you ❤❤❤❤❤

Mi piace
18 feb 2023
Risposta a

I’m happy that these words inspired you. Thanks for reading.

Mi piace
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