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Grace's Chronicles #1: I call it the soft blanket

Open diary: date 30 Dec 2019

I call it the soft blanket,

It’s cosy with real warmth and you feel good, extremely good

Our comfort zone keeps us in jail,

Double locked, secured yet with the lingering thought of being trapped

You can stay there for 1 year, 10 years or your entire life

Going outside your comfort zone requires energy, courage and a fearless attitude

But, once you open the jail cell, I bet it’s better than the four walls you’ve been held, prisoner

In this new year, swap your soft blanket for an adventure stick

Walk through the jail’s door and dare to make this year unlike any other

Believe in your highest potential, thrive and always work on your character

extract from my diary

Thanks for reading!

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1 comentário

Pascal Lagesse
Pascal Lagesse
31 de jan. de 2023

This is soooooo true ! The comfort trap. Thank you for this enlightening text.

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