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Grace's Chronicles #2: Love thy own company

I took myself on a date for a few days

I think more so now, and as the years pass by, loving my own company has become the skeleton of my life. I grew up as the only child in my home. And for as long as I can remember, I've always enjoyed my alone time.

I remember I would spend long hours writing songs in my notebooks, dressing my Barbies, sewing outfits and dancing on my own. There was always something creative that kept me on my toes. I won't lie, I was bored at times but these were the moments that led me to my creative ideas.

I shut down all the murmurs of the world to reconnect with my inner being. I bring myself on dates and spend time with myself as someone I am responsible for. I think as we settle into a routine, we forget how to spend time with ourselves. We deplete our energies focusing on others, waiting for their approval and lingering on their support. Forgetting, that the most important person to cater for is ourselves.

Being alone doesn't mean you are lonely. Being alone is the perfect time to discover your identity and build your character.

I am creative by heart. I've birthed some of my fun ideas like creating this website or even my podcast during boredom or while I was half asleep. I'm not joking, but that's a story for next time. All my ideas bloom when I am by myself and where I can be myself, unapologetically. That's the beauty of thy company. There are no whispers and distractions, opinions and gossip, thus you give yourself space to pay attention to details.

I thrive when am alone, without these sacred times, It would be a gloomy day even if the sun shines. That's why I bring myself on dates now and then. It can be a few hours at a cafe on Sundays, a little cinema sesh, dinner or lunch. I always try to find ways to spend time with myself. So, in March, I went on a little escapade nearby a beach in Grand-Gaube. It was one of the best moments I've had this year. The amount of peace and fun I had deserves to be shared. I hope my little narration can inspire you to create your self-care retreat.

Little Paradise on Earth

At this little kiosk, I spent hours reading, watching the view and enjoying being in the moment. I've collected so many miracles in this little space that felt like home. My heart still flutters thinking about the moments I've had contemplating nature, listening to the birds chirping. I felt serene, I felt loved, I felt content, I felt alive.

I left this place with a heart full of gratitude.

Watched this view non-stop

Here's a closer look at my view. I've been watching the sun rays glistening on the surface of the sea, I've been stalking the palm tress dancing the tango as the wind blows, I've been peeking over the fisherman busy loading their catch of the day, I've been glancing over the people strolling to their destination... Under this kiosk, nature was projecting moving pictures and I was paying attention to all the little blessings it had to offer.

Expo timadam GRAN LESPRI

I also left that little kiosk, to explore the surroundings. I packed my bag, dressed up and here I was heading to Kotpiale in Grand-Baie. Kotpiale is one of my fav local brands. I've been collecting their t-shirts like crazy but never visited their shops before. Can you believe that? So, there was no excuse not to go and am glad I did. killing two birds with one stone, I've also enjoyed their Expo timadam GRAN LESPRI while there. My eyes were smiling at the sight of all the arts. It was a lovely evening.

Went to a little Cafe

At this point, my battery was dying, and I was craving ice tea and some rest. I went to La Croisette, stopped by le Rendez-Vous to buy a few things and ended up at Artisan Coffee. I chilled there for like an hour to work on a few things.

It wouldn't have been a perfect solo date without a stop at a Cafe.


Catching up on my readings and repeat

Happiness is in the doing, not in the result. As a rule of thumb, remind yourself: "Rituals over goals" - Ikigai

Korn Addict T-shirt from Kotpiale

T-shirt RouzBleZonVer from Kotpiale

During my little escapade, I couldn't resist the urge of reading my books. I was catching up on the last chapters to wrap up a few book reviews. I usually read several books at the same time. I love navigating around different themes, pausing and digesting the knowledge gathered.


No sooner said than done. I took a few hours to draft my next review: TIZISTWAR by Daarka. This year I've planned to read more so you can expect a good amount of book reviews. Let's just say I'm reading books so you don't have to. You'll find my book notes here.

Dancing on my own

I've always loved dancing. It's one of the best feelings. It makes me feel free and happy. When I was a child I was a dancer, I had contemporary dance practice each Saturday. These are some of my best memories. The love for dancing never left me...


Coin de Mire

Cap Malheureux Red Church

On my last day, I stopped by Notre Dame Auxiliatrice which is also known as Cap Malheureux Red Church.

These are a few things I did during my self-care retreat. I hope it inspires you to bring yourself on dates more often and enjoy your own company.

Thanks for reading!

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