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Expo timadam GRAN LESPRI

Kotpiale never misses out on a chance to bring light to our local artists. Their expo timadam GRAN LESPRI took place from the 5th till 12th March in their new shop at Grand-Baie. There was a line-up of unique arts crafted by talented artists. Each artwork had its personality, feel and texture. They were so distinctive, yet together created a symphony. timadam GRAN LESPRI was a cultural stop for great art.

As you may have guessed, this artistic celebration was in honour of International Women's Day. It was a reminder that being called "timadam" didn't limit us in our achievements. We are strong women, and we can achieve great things.

expo timadam GRANN LESPRI at Kotpiale

Sarah-Jane Vingta's art

Melissa Veerapen Co-founder of Kotpiale

I met Melissa during my visit, and her aura was golden. She was so passionate and enthusiastic. She brought warmth to this place that already felt like home. I enjoyed my hour chatting and discovering each art. Now, in retrospect, I wonder why I've never been to these arts expos before. It was such an enriching experience to discover new artists and contemplate the beauty of their crafts. This is something we shouldn't miss in the future.

A rundown of arts & artists

Outfit by Morgane Lamport (local)

My outfit is from the local brand Morgane Lamport

kreatir lanfer

kreatir lanfer by Sarah-Jane Vingta
by Sarah-Jane Vingta

natir fam (triptyque)

natir fam (triptyque) by Colette Bernon Larose
by Colette Bernon Larose

Sukulan anba la mer,

Kaladium dan la mok,

Sousou la liane

Sukulan anba la mer, Kaladium dan la mok, Sousou la liane by Sophie Harel
by Sophie Harel

dan West

dream of paradise

dan West, dream of paradise by Julia Carosin
by Julia Carosin

une porte (diptyque)

une porte (diptyque) by Colette Bernon Larose
by Colette Bernon Larose

on her own


on her own,  wilderness by Shankara Motay
by Shankara Motay

duel tropikal

femmes de iles

duel tropikal, femmes de iles  by Katty Laguette Labour
by Katty Laguette Labour

L’art c’est la femme Part 1 - 4

L’art c’est la femme Part 1 -4  by Nitish Chendrapaty - Appadoo
by Nitish Chendrapaty - Appadoo


uniqueness by Romain Govind
by Romain Govind

joyeux noël

not today

joyeux noël,  not today by Sarah-Jane Vingta
by Sarah-Jane Vingta

grander lemond

a lavi a lamour


grander lemond, a lavi a lamour,  zes by Sarah Honoré
by Sarah Honoré

These creatives are so talented, and they deserve to be SEEN. Their arts deserve to be CELEBRATED. Let's make sure to interact with their work. Or you can share it with your friends and family. Let's do our small part to allow their art to inspire more people. They all have something magnificent to give to this world. If you are an artist, but you don't allow yourself TO BE SEEN, just promote your ART, WE NEED IT.

Thanks for reading.

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