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Le Rendez-Vous, The home of Local brands - Aste Lokal

"If you tell me you've never been at Le Rendez-vous before, let's make sure it never happens again."

Imagine a place where you could shop only for local products. Crazy right? What if I told you, you are only one click away, even crazier right? But, before going any further, let me introduce you to this 100% LOKAL concept store you wish you knew before.

Le rendez-vous concept store at la Croisette Grand Baie

Their passion to shake things up!

Imagine a team of titans, uniting their force to make a change in the world. Le Rendez-vous is our local titans that do their very best to make room for our local creators. Le Rendez-Vous is a driven force that brings the best local products right to your doorsteps. They are a concept store created in 2015 which celebrates the Arts and Crafts under the same brand. They are a pillar for many local brands. A place that invites us to make a conscious effort to change our way of consuming things. Their strong will for a more circular economy rhythm is their every move.

Driven by a purpose, let's join them too!

I first discovered le Rendez-vous concept store during my visits to la Croisette. At that time, I was unfamiliar with their purpose. I only knew that it was a store packed with Mauritian products. It was not until last year that I got introduced to this brand again. I stumbled on their IG account and was convinced to change how I consume. I understood the importance of buying locally and, their online store made the transition easy.

my little shopping in December

50+ Lokal brands & It's just the beginning

Le Rendez-Vous is a concept store and an online boutique that hosts various local brands. They work hand in hand with creators that share the same values and commitments. That is to offer 100% Made In Mauritius products handcrafted with respect for unique know-how. Le Rendez-vous and their collaborators attach great importance to their participation in the local economy. They aim to reduce their impact on the environment by offering a short circuit system.

Boosting Local Economies in an Uncertain World

What does it mean to offer a short circuit? It suggests that each community creates its local economy capable of supplying the necessary good and services for its people should the mainstream economy fails. By supporting local businesses, le Rendez-Vous is building a strong community linking people with creators. On top of building social relationships toward local causes.

What do they offer?

There're so many products: accessories, shoes, decorations, games, stationery, clothing and many other things. The best way to see what's in store for you is by visiting their store or by checking their online website.

Stationary: planners, agendas...

Alibaba's cave for local products


A lot more to discover & it's that way

Where are they located?

There are various ways to get your hands on their local treasures.

Le Rendez-Vous offers a catalogue of products in their online shop. The latter is easy to navigate, user-friendly and 100% reliable. After your purchase, the team at Le Rendez-vous will contact you on Whatsapp. From there, you can choose whether you prefer to pick up your order from their shop or choose their delivery options. I've used their online service countless times and I highly recommend it.

2. Concept Store

They have a shop at La Croisette and Moka.

Stylish outfits that will make your head turn

There's no doubt, only quality products there!

Kids' outfits are also available

Diaries, Agendas...a lot more of Stationery

Join their online community

Marine and Agathe started Le Rendez-Vous with a purpose in mind. After years of hard work and sweat, their 100% LOKAL project is redefining the way of consumption of many Mauritians.

Their online community reminds us that we support, what we pay for

By joining their online community on Instagram, you'll find the latest product, and new brands to support, and have a peek at how they run their business daily... Their IG is the place to be to support local brands. Connect with them; HERE!

Thanks for reading!

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AnneMarie Williams
AnneMarie Williams
Feb 05, 2022

LOVE IT 👌👌👌 On next visit for sure i will stop by the store .

Thank you for sharing

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