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Grace's Chronicles #5: My Grandma's Cup of Tea

My sweet dose of honey is my grandma's cup of tea.

As she serves me, my little hot tea, my heart and smile rejoice daily.

My eyes twinkle at her as a sign of gratitude,

She knows her cup of tea is a sweet lullaby when am down crying at the nonsense of life.

My grandma's cup of tea is an ocean of warmth,

I feel wrapped around fingers that protect me at dawn.

My grandma's cup of tea, how sweet the taste,

Made with wrinkled hands and a heart full of grace.

As the steam hits the ceiling, the tea makes its way,

To a temple that prays for her health each day.

My grandma's cup of tea sings sweet melodies,

Where each sip lingers for another sweet taste of her tea.

Oh grandma, your sweet cup of tea,

Remains a forever blessing that I collect daily.

Thanks for reading!

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1 Comment

Mar 20, 2023

Blessed be Grandma ❤

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