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Grace's Chronicles #13: You'll never be good enough in the wrong place!

No matter how hard you try to harvest a crop on an arid land, you'll never reap juicy produce. This has been my lesson for the past months. I've realised that people's first impressions of you cannot be erased with justifications.

Why justify your actions when a wall is listening to you? Why explain yourself when you already know your worth and value? Be quiet and confident.

There's no reason to persuade people of who you are. Let the actors share their scripts left and right. Watch and eat your popcorn while you wait for your moment. Yes, your moment will come. You'll reap your gorgeous harvest once you've carved a little space on a fruitful land. Let your seed settle in its new home. Water it with love and faith. Like Bamboo, it might take its time to sprout to the surface but that doesn't mean it's not at work.

Be a serial sower & have faith like a farmer!

Sow your seed (potential), give it time, and work hard to reap your harvest. Don't lose your time watching your neighbour's crop, yours demands enough attention. Sow your seed in the right soil and use it for its purpose. It's just a matter of time.

Your faith should be unshakable

If you don't believe in yourself, who would? Have crazy faith in yourself and trust fully in what hasn't come yet. Walk in faith now because your vision for what's coming will guide your every move. If you think that a mediocre life awaits you, your steps will bring you there. Is that what you want? I guess not.

Victory lies ahead of you if you hold it tight in your heart and express it through your actions. Believe and live with audacity.

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