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Grace's Chronicles #7: Ghosting in the blessing! (Part 1)

A prince came under his red coat on his white horse to leave like a ghost.

Little girls grow up with a mind full of fantasies. An idea of love - distorted with all the fallacies of cartoons and romance in movies. It all started with a simple glance and a different kind of heartbeat. Oh did I just fall in love? Or did I just meet my forever prince? Emotions like I've never felt before, rushed through my body to blur my perception.

Life was not colourful anymore. It was red, and a red that could turn out to be love and gold.

You are fed a few lies disguised as trumpets to please the eardrum. A rush of adrenaline, enough to make your heart skip once or twice. Am I that special, to make a man's heart swing or am I living in a dream where am the director - Using my flair to create scenarios and scripts that only lie in a fake reality?

My boundaries kept me grounded. It's a voice that compels me not to rush towards a relationship where my bones will crack. My boundaries murmur: " slow down, you have nothing to lose. If your prince is THE prince, he will wait and treat you right "

I thank those boundaries that kept me safe and guarded. So, when Mr Prince turned into a ghost, I stood still in pain but with all my remains whole.

Calls at night were a daily thing. Slow texts crept after a while and silence rang the bell for the end.

Who is ever prepared for the day when the absence of long conversations leaves room for a ghost inside? Nobody!

There's nothing wrong with you. The silence that echoes deep inside, isn't a measure of your worth. That silence is your gift. A new beginning which will bring you closer to your being. Closer to your home.

I thought eyes couldn't lie, but I guess we can all be deceived by what lies behind- Like those little sparkles twinkling in your eyes meant nothing. Nothing at all but for me it meant EVERYTHING.

That ghost I encountered on my path was a dead hope.

Text: 29.01.2023

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22 mag 2023

This was inspiringand interesting

Thanks for share it with us

Mi piace

31 gen 2023

Part 2 please.

Mi piace
18 feb 2023
Risposta a

Part 2 has been published. Kogilam. Enjoy!

Mi piace
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