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Grace's Chronicles #8: Ghosting in the blessing! (Part 2)

As with all ghosts, they come back to haunt you.

It's been a few days of silence, during which I've been reminiscing about the soothing words. You know, those lovey-dovey words, a real poet could utter. I bet those years of experience navigating words with such charisma could make anyone fell hard- even my grandma.

Like a little flower in spring that blooms from nowhere, the ghost came back to give me a headache. My eyes couldn't fathom the first two lines. Am I that stupid to get a master of con messing up with my life? But, how would the ghost know, that the past few days spent twirling my thumbs around got me allergic to his blatant words?

The ghost who lost his allure came back out of ego most probably. Definitely! Since I didn't compromise my values or kneeled down for closure.

Silence is silence and it says it all. More than words could ever do. So, I never needed anything more to tear down that chapter even though I was halfway through.

It brings chills up my spine to think how easily he could be an actor in the real life. Some need years of experience and rehearsal, while others are born gifted. Take it as a warning sign, when things don't make sense and it tickles your mind. Run darling run.

It took me years to love myself, to know myself and to know my worth!

It will take more than a ghost to question my self-worth. Leaving me on the side road has nothing to do with who I AM. But, hurting me shows how hurt you are, so I'll pray for you. I'll pray that you heal those wounds and insecurities that keep you blind.

I never had unrealistic standards, I had standards you couldn't live up to!

Text: 01.02.2023

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