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Grace's Chronicles #10: Their eyes smile at you as a clown in disguise.

I've always wondered why humans were so quick to judgement.

Quick, to plaster a sign of I LIKE YOU or I DON'T.

Quick to draw an erroneous perception of who we are in their little minds. I concluded that some portray their insecurities onto those that go about their day-to-day life without a mask or giving a f*** about the he said, she said.

Some thrive on gossiping about their peers. Their tongues hiss morning and night, while their eyes smile at you as a clown in disguise.

The energy that vibrates around their aura, makes your hair timidly tremble. Not of fear but of wonder. Why do they spend so much time navigating the darkness when they could enjoy the warmth rent-free?

They can be a mom, a dad, a friend and a sister. Or even your faithful neighbour. Your poise makes them doubt their self-worth. Your talent screams at their face without lifting your little finger.

How powerful are you, to keep a little crowd looking at you?

Clowns are clowns, they can be funny or terrifying. But once their mask is down to the ground we look alike. As humans do!

Peel that layer, to let go of their power.

We are all a victim and a perpetrator of judgment. I'm doing just that by aligning these words together. Judgment alleviates frustration and pain in the short term. Replaying scenarios back and forth, finding the little cracks that put your friends, family members or neighbours at fault- brings some kind of soothing feeling. But is that just right?

Does that benefit our growth or does it contribute to our regression?

I guess we all know how it goes. But, are we doing anything to break that routine? So, that we can handle our tongues with grace.

That little muscle that sits nicely in the mouth shouldn't be in a hurry to judge!

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AnneMarie Williams
AnneMarie Williams
Feb 26, 2023

Your article is a lesson for me

Keep persevering

Proud of you

Feb 26, 2023
Replying to

Thanks for your kind words. ✨

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