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Saskia: Timeless, name it!

Sometimes I get asked about my looks. So, I thought it would be best to share my fav brands with you. To kick off in style, I'd like to introduce you to Saskia. A Mauritian Brand that embraces an effortless aesthetic with versatile designs that will make you stand out.

Saskia is not your average brand. It was crafted for Islanders to celebrate local crafts. Thereby, the brand makes a conscious effort to be both socially and environmentally conscious. In an era where people still support fast fashion, Saskia's presence on Mauritian soil offers a great alternative to cheap clothing produced quickly and sold in large quantities. It embodies the values of quality and respect for Mother Nature. When you buy Saskia's clothing items, you are making a conscious effort to consume differently.

Night time look

Top: Flint Top

Short: Saskia

Bag: Flamazing

Necklace: OFF M

This is one of my fav looks, ever! and it's 100% local. We have Saskia's signature lavender Flint top and my striking short that screams summer. Both pieces were made for each other. To tie the whole look together, my Flamazing bag did the job nicely. I'm a walking palette of lavender shades. I feel like a human unicorn and I'm here for it!

What I like the most about Saskia is how each piece of their collection makes me feel sassy, classy and fresh. When I have a party, wedding or special outing, Saskia has always something in store for me. You can turn any of their casual outfits into sophisticated looks in a wink. There's so much room to play with once you have Saskia's pieces in hand.

100% local outfit

Earrings: Lost Eden

The flint top is a basic you need in your wardrobe. Paired with shorts or shirts, you can never go wrong with this choice. I got my Flint top and shorts at Le Rendez Vous (La Croisette). Many of their collection pieces are also available at my pop-up store (Vanilla Village) and wapalapamshop (Le Morne).

Sophisticated Chill-day Look

Let's go back to where we left off! Saskia has a knack to design effortless pieces that can be easily switched from a day-to-night outfit. The brand has some iconic pieces that highlight the silhouette nicely. For a chill-day outfit, I opted for my grandma's oversized blazer which worked wonders. I love how it elevates the look. I sported the same outfit with heels for a wedding. You basically have several looks in one and it all comes down to your accessories.

Moon & Sun earrings from Lost Eden

Saskia was established by the fashion designer Saskia Pougnet-Bechard in January 2011.

When you connect with the aesthetic of a brand, you can't help but share the love.

Keep an eye out! I have some other looks from Saskia but that will be for next time. Make sure you subscribe to my newsletter for weekly updates. Or you can always connect with me on Instagram.

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