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Flamazing Crochet Bag, feeling sassy² - Aste Lokal

Show me your handbag and I’ll tell you...

Flamazing Crochet's bag makes you feel sassy². I mean it. The bags are fancy, It adds an extra pop of colour to make every mundane outfit look extra. Pulled off directly from a fashion magazine. I’m not your typical girl with 20 bags that vary in shape and colour to match every piece of her wardrobe. I’m the typical boho girl that carries her favourite boob tote bag now and then. But when I laid my eyes on Flamazing’s insta page I said: "ditch being basic every day, let’s go extra with a fancy bag once in a while."

I knew that one of Flamazing's bags had to come home

Unlike the Flamingos 🦩 that look identical, your Flamazing Crochet bag knows how to be a cut above the rest. It will easily catch the eyes of your peers and your surrounding. Your bag is unique! You can go crazy pairing a vivid yellow with pink or with any other colour of the rainbow. There’s no rule, as long as the creator holds the coloured yarn in her stock, your dream can come true In a wink.

Slaying any outfit with your signature bag!

Everyone needs a signature bag. Am so happy I finally got mine. I love how my bag can be paired with any outfit. It's timeless. Flamazing Crochet's bag can upgrade any basic outfit like mine from boring to interesting, adding a feminine touch along the way. And who doesn't want this? Now imagine the same thing but with a little dress. The combinations are endless. We can't deny that my crochet bag looks cute and sassy².

Your Crochet bag to carry you through all seasons

Flamazing Crochet's bag should be at the top of your wishlist. To find your It-bag, the variety comes in all shapes, colours and sizes. You can DM the creator on Insta if you are looking for a versatile bag that will carry you through all seasons. A perfect companion to your summer dress, winter coat or skinny jeans.

Flamazing Crochet's Bag - Our Lokal It-Bag!

Our local creators are talented, right? I'm going to tell you a secret: the creator behind this amazing brand is a colleague. Fun fact, when I saw her page I knew right from the start that she was the creator. It was the Flamingos that rang a bell. After a glance at her IG feed: packed with gorgeous handmade crochet bags I knew I needed to support her business. I was craving one of her masterpieces and now I get to brag about how amazing they look. Check out her page: HERE & Thanks for reading!


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