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Grace’s Chronicles #18: The Sailor & I

Born on the 11 February 1994. The cyclone was enraged while teardrops fell on the ground.

As the years passed, the child navigated rough seas with 3 members by her side. Only God knows how rocky the journey was. One member died, and the other went abroad. Left with a sailor as a mentor.

From a ship to a rowboat, we survived the ocean swell. Even with wrinkled hands, she managed to keep us afloat.

We crashed, several times. But, isn't it lovely that its passengers survived?

The sky may roar and cry heavily, but the Sailor & I will keep moving forward. I wonder how life will be when the sailor bids goodbye. I'll be the only one rowing to destiny while she stays by my side.

The Sailor never left me till day one. I have my hands wrapped around her fingers. Her heart overflows with unconditional love. Everything she touches makes life look heavenly. In a few days, she will turn 85.

Grandma. Thank you a million times 2.

Written on the 10th - 11th April 2024

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