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Grace's Chronicles #17: We can't buy a dictionary to understand each other

Humour is a friendly ally that can end deadly if not used correctly. But Is there a correct way to be funny?

It's easy to be around people who understand you. Around people who know you the best. But, navigating the world in a clueless manner - Is a straight shot to 6 feet under.

Have you ever felt like a donkey in the room? I pledge guilty. Only when I'm surrounded by people who don't understand my humour. Or can’t vibe with my energy. It feels like walking on empty shells. It cracks inside and gives birth to doubt.

They've earned a master's degree in muting personalities.

They make you feel weird because you don’t compile to what they find “Funny”. Makes you feel like you're a strange specimen.

So, I came to the conclusion that we can't buy a dictionary to understand the words of each other.

Why change ourselves if we wouldn’t exchange life with these orators? They blatantly spit out words to correct and belittle us.

When you wake up pray and remember your worth - it’s your bulletproof vest. It’s your shield against sharp attacks. Getting shot with bullets of words isn’t an easy stroll in the park.

Words butcher self-esteem. Words mould you. Words leave an indelible imprint in the mind. When you are weary, It resonates like the clunk of shackles.

Filter the words you absorb and always bless with the alphabet you utter.

In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God - John 1:1

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