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Grace's Chronicles #12: Treat them with kindness.

It's difficult, but it's possible!

This week the word compassion resonated loud in my mind. Like an echo that translates meaning to make sense to me, the word compassion sunk deeply.

When people treat you like trash, treat them with kindness. Easily said than done right? But, oh so needful to remove that weight and help us escape the negativity loop.

How I perceive you, is how I see myself. If I only dig into the negative traits of someone, it's because I bathe in that same negativity morning and night. But, watching people and the world with a glow or perceiving them as a child is far more light.

It's more difficult to love difficult people. But, difficult doesn't mean impossible.

Some people's vices are so surgical that they cut open wounds leaving scars engraved for a lifetime. If I hang on to their negativity and wickedness I'll be a puppet whose strings are being held by them. That's why I choose to deflate my response. I watch them like a telespectator without paying too much attention.

What you give your attention to multiplies. So, I withdraw myself little by little and see how they lose their power.

Negativity becomes poisonous to your system when you inject too much of your attention into it.

Don't let people steal your joy! When you don't feed negativity you'll be showered with blessings.

It's never between you and them, it's between you and God or the higher power (depending on your beliefs)

This week the word compassion was my favourite companion.

Diary extract: Week ending 26.02.2023

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AnneMarie Williams
AnneMarie Williams
Mar 05, 2023

Very inspiring

I know how you feel and God takes the first place in any situation


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