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Bali Cravings by Lexia, Is Bali really next door? - Aste Lokal

Bali Cravings by Lexia
Is the food as tasty as it looks?

If you're reading this review, you are either a foodie or simply curious. I've been a pescetarian for more than 7 years and counting, and my no 1. criteria when choosing a restaurant is either that it should serve 1) Seafood or 2) Vegan or Vegetarian food. Bali Cravings by Lexia ticked all the boxes right from the start and collected a few points along the way.

Talk to anyone in Mauritius, who is on Instagram about the coolest, Insta-worthy spot to eat delicious food in Bagatelle, and you're going to hear about Bali Cravings. Its reputation precedes itself.

Is Bali next door?

Bali Cravings by Lexia
Location: Bagatelle, 42 Market Street

Patience, before sharing my opinion on the food, I think Lexia deserves a pat on the back for her choice of decorations. No doubt she is one of the best Wedding planners in Mauritius. Her work was even featured in Netlix's movie: Resort to Love. I've been at Bali Cravings in Port-Louis in its early days and the decorations were something that quickly distinguished Bali Cravings from the other restaurants. There is a real identity and the effort to go the extra mile.

You're probably thinking that I was paid to write a polish review about Bali Cravings. The answer is No! We paid for our meals and my friends and I will share our honest opinions.

It's the Bali Cravings touch!

Bali Cravings by Lexia

Let's get back to it. It's a shame I was unable to snap the best spots, but let's say these are a foretaste of what's yet to come. Once you walk into this spot and sit at your table, the servers quickly welcome you with warmth. Turn left and you see someone taking pictures. Turn right and you see beautiful platings waiting to be devoured. Bali Cravings is a cosy space with good music. There is something about this place which makes it even more special. It has a lot to do with their service, which is a 5/5 in my opinion. The staff is always caring, smiling and welcoming. You feel at home, ready to clear plates before someone else does.

The menu is never a copied and paste version of the week before...

Bali Cravings by Lexia
The menu

Bali Cravings stands out from the crowd with its ability to reinvent itself every single week. Trust me, the menu is always twisted into more unique versions of themselves. There is always something new, something tasty, something extra that melts in your mouth like candy. It feels that they put more effort into each meal than Taylor Swift does into making her masterpiece records. And it's especially impressive when you realise the successful mix of the various cuisines they offer and they somehow pull it off perfectly. Once the staff hands you the menu, the culinary voyage starts. If you want to eat good food once in a while, spoiling yourself never hurts. Can you guess which Main Course I chose?

All this talking got me thirsty...

Bali Cravings by Lexia
Bali Secrets

Bali Cravings by Lexia
A fresh passion fruit mocktail

This year, I ate at Bali Cravings twice and got these two drinks. The fresh passion fruit mocktail was an iced drink, perfect to start my meal.

The Bali Secrets was my favourite. The drink's main ingredients included fresh Kiwi and Strawberry topped with petals, chia seeds and a rosemary stem. This valentine's special turned out to be delicious. The lemon balanced out the flavours. My friend said it best, "It is what we needed to kick off our meal."

The Starter was...

Bali Cravings by Lexia
Chili crab dumplings

Bali Cravings by Lexia
Crunchy prawns with sweet chili dip

If I had to choose between these 2, I'll go for the crunchy prawns with sweet chilli dip. It tasted like heaven, crunchy...cooked perfectly. It was oh la la. However, the chilli crab dumplings failed to impress. There were sesame seeds, chilli flakes and onion chives sprinkled on top but the taste was quite bland.

The Main Course Rundown...

Ravioli Butternut with Gorgonzola Sauce

Bali Cravings by Lexia
Ravioli butternut with gorgonzola sauce

My friend is vegetarian and opted for the ravioli butternut with gorgonzola sauce. He has been travelling around the Island tasting foods from various places and his standards are high. Let's see his review of the dish and his overall thoughts.

V: "Since I am a big fan of ravioli, I can say it was a good one, and a very creamy sauce for sure. The plating; hats off... quite original. My favourite of the day was the drink Bali Secrets! Refreshing, sweet and rosy... the perfect valentines mocktail!"

"However, I would say that the food is not value for money. Compared to many other restaurants which will serve more or less the same thing but at a very different price. The food prices reach amounts intended for high-end hotels, which would offer much more in terms of quality when you pay the price."

Creamy Beetroot Cheese Sauce Gnocchi

Bali Cravings by Lexia
Creamy Beetroot Cheese Sauce Gnocchi

There was also the creamy beetroot cheese sauce gnocchi on the menu. It was a cosmic dish, which was a feast to the eyes. My friend liked it. It was a bit original to incorporate beetroot with gnocchi. I had a taste of it and it was interesting, unlike something I had before.

Seafood Laksa Curry with Rice

Bali Cravings by Lexia
Seafood Laksa Curry with Rice

I was so indecisive that I asked the server for any recommendations. He suggested the seafood laksa curry with rice. Here's my thought about my meal:

If you can catch the seafood laksa curry when it's on the menu, it is a slam dunk. Bali Cravings' curry was one of the most delicious meals I had this year. The curry was served with rice, which should be involved in every bite. Each spoonful brings you on a trip thanks to the seasoning. There were mussels, shrimp and I name it. Each bite was delicious enough to make my tastebuds dance the tango.

Lexia Korean Asian Braised Lamb

Bali Cravings by Lexia
Lexia Korean Asian Braised Lamb

I didn't taste this dish because of the lamb, but my friend sent me his review. Drumroll, please.

N: "Bali Cravings offers heavenly Balinese flavours in the heart of Mauritius. The dishes and drinks are absolutely delicious and visually appetizing! A perfect getaway place in a time of much-needed escapism. The food was really good. One of the things that I appreciate is how they incorporate different flavours and influences in their dishes. This makes everything so flavorful and yummy! "

N: "Maybe it is just me but the food feels very healthy with the touch-up of chia seeds and greens in most of their dishes. I’ve gone there twice already. The first time I tried the seafood pasta bowl and the other time brazed lamb. Let me tell you that the seafood pasta won me over. From a non-pasta fan to now a lover of pasta. Seriously the best pasta I had in my life!"

My friends and I celebrated my birthday with good food!

Bali Cravings by Lexia
Our meal

I was so grateful for having my friends around with some yummy food. They made this day so special.

The lunch date was.....

Bali Cravings by Lexia
Pasta vs Ravioli

I have a little tradition with one of my besties. We usually have lunch dates once a month. After months of not seeing each other, we made our date special.

Seafood Butternut Ravioli In Mushroom Sauce

Bali Cravings by Lexia
I got hooked

If it wasn't already clear Bali Cravings is in the running for the best-in-town restaurant. I mean the food has been exquisite so far. During my special date, I had the ravioli seafood with creamy sauce.

It's hard to go wrong with ravioli soaked in a creamy sauce. Right? Cut it open and mix it all around with a bunch of seafood like shrimp, mussels and fish. I would order one again. There's nothing better.

Veg Spaghetti in Mushroom sauce

Bali Cravings by Lexia
Veg Spagetti in Mushroom sauce

Here's what my friend had to say about his meal:

V: "The spaghetti was very creamy, and indeed you get the flavours of mushroom. A rich sauce that coats the al dente spaghetti shows that they know how to make good spaghetti. A must-try. As feedback I would say again, is the value for money and perhaps a suggestion would be to add some crunch to contrast with the creaminess, perhaps veggies?"

Blueberry Truffle

Bali Cravings by Lexia

Dessert is non-negotiable at Bali Cravings and you should understand why. Last year I tasted their cookies which were to die for. This year the Blueberry truffle caught my attention and It didn't shy away. Each layer was different in taste, texture and flavour. This sweet and light treat was the ultimate finale of our fine meal.

Bali Cravings has a dessert to satisfy the sweet tooth in all of us. I now have a spot to enjoy surprisingly tasty desserts and creamy pasta that will satisfy even the pickiest. The food got us hooked. So is it value for your money? It depends on your taste and preferences. Don't let us stop you, 'cause we are going back. I mean, I am for sure going back soon!

Thanks for reading!

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AnneMarie Williams
AnneMarie Williams
Sep 02, 2022

My next visit I will make sure that you take me there ❤

These delicious meals bring water to my mouth.

Fantastic article .The way to go my daughter

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