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Pont naturel In Mauritius, a gem which is worth the detour

Pont Naturel Isn't a myth

On a beautiful sunny day, my family and I went out to conquer Pont Naturel. It was a magnificent gem we only saw in photos. As a nature lover, the idea of being in that location felt unreal.

Early in the morning, we took off to Pont Naturel Rd, and it was an eventful trip. I was the one with the GPS. It meant that the responsibility was on my shoulders, haha *cough* I don't have a master's degree in orientation, but let's say I did my best. To find the location was in itself a whole adventure. So, little advice, once you get nearby, read all the wooden signs. It will make your life easier.

Nearby, we stopped for food because a full stomach guarantees a good time, right? We enjoyed the surrounding, which was a feast for our eyes. I know you didn't ask, but guess what? The Mauritian "Boulettes" you see in this picture, I mean the broth, fell all over me. Thanks to the rocky paths that lead us to Pont Naturel Rd.

Enn ti boulette pour la route

Godfather doing what he does best, making us laugh!

Once we arrived there, I was gob-smacked by the natural beauty of Pont Naturel. What you see in pictures versus what you see on the spot are two galaxies apart. The serene atmosphere and the ambient sounds made this place the perfect respite for our souls. I am not exaggerating. Pont Naturel is a piece of heaven on earth surrounded by an immaculate ocean.

Time stopped when I was there. How crazy that such an incredible gift was given to us by nature. As a big nature lover, I was drooling over the scenery. Waves have always been something that makes me feel at peace. I see them as dancers performing their acts. Listening to the waves crashing on the rocks while the breeze whispers in your ears. There's nothing on earth that beats that sound.

This gorgeous view straight from a postcard is riverting.

What we'd been dying to see was right there in front of our eyes. The Pont Naturel is an archway carved by surging waves of the ocean. I don't know to what extent the statement is true, but It's a work of art. I don't know how, I've been so clueless about its existence but one thing I know, is you should add it to your bucket list.

Pont Naturel

Enough rambling, these are little snippets captured in time.

Pont Naturel, natural bridge

Before you reach the idyllic view of Pont Naturel, you'll come across stray dogs. That's the reality of Mauritius. There are a lot of dogs left on their own with the bare minimum to feed themselves. As animal lovers, we were sad. We had not enough food to nourish each one of them. Please make sure you bring enough treats and water to make their day more bearable.

We left Pont Naturel behind us while the sun was settling down. Myriad souvenirs to hold on to until our next visit. It was a fantastic day that felt unreal.

Address: GM99+RQC, Carreau Accacia

Thanks for reading. Until the next adventure, swap your cosy blanket for an adventure stick!

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1 Comment

AnneMarie Williams
AnneMarie Williams
Feb 05, 2022

It was mind- blowing at Pont Naturel . I never knew that we had such beautiful amd unique place on our island .

Encourage others to experience it.

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