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Lucas Pugin, Where Vulnerability Meets Art

Vulnerability has been the core and centre of my interview with Lucas Pugin. He poured his heart and soul to deliver his story, the story that made him who he is today. He walks us through his growth journey, how he dealt with trials and shares his love story with Art & Design. The highs and lows in his childhood have been the birthplace of his creativity.

Lucas tells us more about you.

I Am 24 years old, soon turning 25. I can be very shy and I tend to underestimate myself too much sometimes. I always feel as if people are staring at me, I guess it’s mainly due to my shyness. But if you are a close friend, you’ll know that I love some good silly jokes.

You’re so bubbly and fun. A person with such a positive vibe that I can't portray you hurting someone else.

I wasn’t like this before, I felt like everyone was judging me. When someone would say something to me I would take everything straight up and not stay quiet. Gradually I changed because my family made me understand that there were things you had to keep to yourself. Because some things are not worth saying.

How was that period of your life?

I had a happy childhood filled with good memories but I kept everything to myself and would never let people know.

How did your art help you at that time?

It helped me calm my personality.

Was drawing your refuge?

Maybe if I didn't draw, my personality would have been different. Art brings me some type of balance.

Our artwork can save us, right?

Yes, a lot.

Also, I was part of a choir called "Les Rayons du Soleil” and this group was led by a Nun. She wanted to create a group for youngsters to help the community. This helped me grow my self-confidence every step of the way during the first 3 years of college.

Who was your big inspiration?

My parents and grandparents. Even though my grandparents weren't too emotional, they always showed me their support in their way. And it made a world of difference. Through the encouragement of my parents and grandparents, I realized that I had potential.

Everyone Fights Their Own Battle You Know Nothing About

I’ll have to go back to the root of my shyness. I was born with a hearing impairment. As I grew up, I learned how to live with it. Since it was minimal, I didn’t need any hearing aids.

My family knows but I avoid telling everyone. I don't talk about it, scared that people would label me because of my impairment.

Are you afraid that this will change the way people perceive you?

Yes, I don't want to appear 'different' in their eyes. On the other hand, we are unique in our way. Through my disability, I’ve discovered my hobby.

Lucas On His Career Journey...

You started your studies in art design and graduated in graphic design with animation. How was that journey during your studies?

It was a bit complicated but I knew I was doing something I loved. It was challenging in the sense that I had to adapt to everything because I didn't know anything about the field I was about to embark on. Before enrolling on the university, I wanted to pursue a career in advertising. What was a trigger for me to work in this field would be the advertisements in the theatres. This was one of the major factors that lit a spark in me. Since these ads made me dream, I wanted to make other people dream as well.

What were your dream jobs?

I had a lot of dream jobs. In the beginning, I wanted to be a drawing teacher. But I realized that the field of education was not made for me.

You didn't have enough patience?


Then, I wanted to be an architect but I was bad at Mathematics and Physics. This is when I discovered that art and design would lead me toward graphics.

Lucas, you draw amazingly well. You do portraits, illustrations and animations. You have several strings to your bow. What kind of artist are you?

As a designer, I love following the flow. For instance, I always try to keep an eye on new trends and techniques happening around the world. I’ll say I am an observer.

Did you practice the art or does it comes naturally?

It came naturally because since my childhood I loved to draw. Of course, the more I practised the more I could perfect my skill. But there is one thing I heard which got me thinking a lot. An art teacher said everyone is good at drawing. Everyone is without exception. Parents can make a huge difference to their children and that made me realise my family has always been supportive.

There’s Something About The Eyes...

The eyes are what make a person unique. It is the reflection of the soul. It's them who make what you are. Your personality, your attitude, your energy, that's what sets the tone. Then, it's up to the audience to interpret things through the eyes.

Does it mean that you always start with the eyes when doing an illustration?

Yes, all the time. Because that's what makes the drawing come alive.

Let's say when you are about to draw something, do you know in advance what you will draw? Or it is through the eyes that you will create your character?

From the eyes, I’ll create the character.

And when you start drawing, do you start with one stroke or do you pause to finish later? What does the process look like?

As soon as I start I prefer to finish during the day. If for example I start a portrait and I decide to finish it the next day, it won't be the same because the vibe of today will not be the same as tomorrow. Unless of course I am almost finished and there are only the details to polish. As long as the tone is already set on paper I’ll be able to finish it later.

What is your design process as a designer?

I visualize my process design like a tree. It all starts with the roots then you gather all your thoughts and all your data through the trunk and then it leads to the branches which represent the direction that you want to take which might lead you to leaves, flowers, or anything fruitful.

Juggling A Full-Time Job With Freelancing

You work full time and being a freelancer can be hard to juggle. How do you organize yourself, cause there has to be discipline?

I love doing things in advance. I hate doing things at the last minute because if I wait until the last minute I'll feel in the rush and I won't be able to express my creativity to the fullest.

Usually, during the week I am knocked out but since I am a full-time designer, it helps me a lot in terms of freelancing. I can work and at the same time, it gives me ideas about my side projects. So, as soon as I have ideas I jot them down on a piece of paper. So from Monday to Friday, it would be a full brainstorming session during which ideas can strike at any time. Then, on Saturday and Sunday, I work as much as possible.

How is it to juggle both?

It is tiring but I know when to take a break. I would never tell a person I'm tired and that I couldn't finish his/her job. Everyone is tired, it's logical, it's normal. I don't know how to say no, that's the thing. I have this tendency all the time to do whatever it takes to please people. I don't like letting them down.

What things do you do for yourself to unwind?

I listen to a lot of soothing music like Indie air pop or Indie air country. It makes me escape, during the process of creating art. Once I am in my bubble I am disconnected from everything.

What service do you offer?

I love illustration, video and animation, I like doing the branding dimension, whether it's the logo or everything that covers the corporate identity.

What's your dream for the future?

To be fulfilled. This is what makes the difference. It's your state of mind. This is what makes you have a certain motivation to tackle any challenge that stands in front of you. As long as you have a positive attitude, you can do anything. I don't have a big dream as it is, but maybe that of discovering the world. Going to Italy, to France, but with the current situation, it would be a bit difficult. But it is precisely this situation that motivates me to discover the world. Because at any time we can be deprived of everything. Discovering the world can help us mature. When I was younger, I did a trip to France with my school where I was able to learn and discover things. It was a life-changing experience.

What advice would you give to someone who wants to follow their passion?

Not to always listen to what people say because there are a lot of people who can dissuade us from following our path. If you're good at it, show it to the world!

We worked a lot together on 6 Pins In A Shoe and I got to know your work ethic and professionalism.

This is why I would highly recommend anyone to work with you. Where can clients contact you?

Thanks for reading this interview and I hope Lucas' story has inspired you to follow your dreams no matter the obstacles that stand in front of you.

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