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Tracey Njoki Maguta, Building a business is a rollercoaster

Luxury in a jar! That’s how Tracey Njoki Maguta defines her products. Her passion for skincare from a young age led her to create her brand, Bodie Glow. Her products are all handmade, created from the heart with a secret ingredient, called LOVE. It was such an amazing conversation, witnessing a friend’s success. Her journey to creating her business has been a rollercoaster but scattered with challenges that contributed to her growth.

Turning her passion into a business

During my conversation with Tracey, we stumbled on many topics close to her heart. She shared how moving from Mauritius to her home country, Kenya, was packed with challenges. Tracey even went back in time, narrating how her childhood and watching her grandma create homemade products inspired her throughout her lifetime. Thus, leading her to create her brand.

Bodie Glow helped her and her family combat sensitive skin and eczema. The purpose of her brand has its roots and makes her journey even more special. Yes, there were loads of discomfort but, along the way Tracey has learnt so much. She entrusted us with how she has sharpened her skills to continuously take in feedback to improve her formulas. Tune in to discover her story through our little bla bla session.

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Bodie Glow for Glowy Skin

Tracey Maguta has concocted well-thought body butter and scrubs with her little fingers and a bright mind. There are 5 scents and an unscented butter called Plain June. What about the others you might ask? Well, you won't be disappointed. There is a range from Mint Dew to Berry Lush, Lilac Bliss, Sleek Vanilla and Cafe Brume. With all these products there is no way your skin won't thank you later.

Her handmade products are formulated to gently rejuvenate, smoothen & moisturize the skin.

Teirrah, for lush hair

If there's a word to describe Tracey it would be unstoppable. After perfecting her body brand, she took it as a challenge to create the best hair oil for her sister. The hair product: TEIRRAH was intended to soothe her sister's scalp and promote hair growth. Later, that same product turned out to be a popular hair oil in her community. It promotes hair growth and prevents dry, itchy and flaky scalp.

Teirrah Hair Growth and Scalp soothing oil - is truly magical!

Tracey Maguta has much up her sleeves! In our conversation, we've delved into the vulnerability part of being a business owner. All the non-glamourous stuff that entrepreneurs don't usually share, from finance to taxes.

On top of handling her business with grace, she's juggling a 9 to 5 job. All the merit goes to her fantastic sense of responsibility, her thirst to excel and the support of her family.

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To see what the future unfolds for this beautiful soul connect with her on Bodie Glow and _trayceey.

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AnneMarie Williams
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