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A breath of elegance hovers over Grzegorz Palis' blog, GMALE, one that will inspire boyfriends, husbands, fiancés and fashion lovers to upgrade their basics. With a teaspoon of tips, he'll help you to perfect your fashion taste and hone the rudiments of fashion. In all likelihood, GMALE this sophisticated yet accessible platform anoints its audience with a well-garnished wardrobe.

Can you share with us more about you?

The most difficult thing is always to talk about yourself, and here it begins... ;) Well, my name is Grzegorz, to non-polish speakers, it will be easier to say just Greg. I am 25 years old. My whole life is related to my hometown, Kraków. Despite its many disadvantages, I am proud to be a Cracovian. In addition to fashion, I am interested in all types of music, photography, movies- especially those directed by Lynch and Jarmusch, good design and foodies. I work in a creative agency, where I work with bloggers and celebrities.

Grzegorz, you created your blog GMALE to share your passion and knowledge for fashion and you've found in pursuing what you love an avenue of self-expression.

It takes courage to act. To act towards our authentic self. If we don't express WHO WE ARE we will suffer in silence and stay in a restricted frame. What we give out to the world is a piece of us and it should resonate with realness. If we put out false symbols we will attract people to those symbols but we won't establish a trustful relationship with them.

What are the biggest challenges you've had with being authentic?

To be honest I do not completely agree with the above. My blog is a combination of who I am and who I want to be. A mix of reality and creation. Of course on my blog, my readers can find my opinions, advice and real experiences but also always a little bit of fantasy. In my opinion fashion photo shooting is not about clothes or photos. These things are only parts of the CONCEPT. Moreover, I believe in one rule - If you only try, you can be whatever(whoever?) you want. That’s why I create persons, session by session. I have always been an incurable dreamer. It’s the way to spice up my life ;)

What advice would you give to someone who lacks the self-confidence to assert his style?

Some people have such a period in life when they turn from an ugly duckling into a beautiful swan. It happens to them automatically. For others, it doesn’t. If you belong to the second group you need to work on your self-confidence and it's not just about style. How? It depends. My self-confidence comes from doing new things. I hate routine.

Grzegorz: Am also interested in its history, and the history of individual brands.

The froufrou of what embellishes fashion doesn't put him in awe, instead, sales, marketing and advertising rejoice in his heart. His natural geniality for the history of fashion gives him a cutting edge in the blogosphere. You'll be stricken by his thirst to educate his audience in getting a deep insight into anything fashion related.

Why do you approach to fashion more like an industry rather than an embodiment of art?

Fashion can be art. What we see on the catwalks in Paris, Milan or London is usually art not for everyday usage. Fashion shows for clothes are like museums for paintings. We can not buy most of the exhibits. What we see on the streets is a mirror image of high fashion, a high fashion which has been grounded by a machine called the fashion industry. That’s why casual fashion for me is mostly like an industry.

Curbed by the daily to-do list of life, we suppress our being from foraging for the simple pleasures of life. The subdued freedom somewhat craves fresh air and goes in quest of a peaceful place. A spot to recharge our battery, regain momentum and reconnect with our being. Where do you like to go to escape from the normal life routine to replenish your creative spirit? The best way is of course travelling. Unfortunately not every week can I afford holidays. Fortunately, I learned how to deal with it. I learn new things, I meet new people, I watch a new film, I visit a new place I have never seen before. Newness - this is my way to get creative.

Psst ... social media, this inevitable topic.WHY? Because millennials are now addicted to dopamine. The photos we share on these platforms, don't always reflect WHO We are. That screen where we press the like button reflects only the visible aspect of our being. It's inaudible to the cry and laughter of our hearts and soul. It doesn't perceive an ounce of emotion other than the smile on our face or the expression of our eyes and so forth. Only expression but not our feelings. Those feelings are just buried deep down. What kind of feelings do you want to showcase through your work?

I am from a generation that still remembers times without the Internet. Despite my blogging activity and social media addiction, I have a certain distance from this world. Sometimes it happens that I overuse it and feel a moral hangover. I do not give up on this tool. I control it (still /for now).l). Before I upload any picture, recording or link, I think about it 3 times. I realize that social media is not only my playground but a place that is used by nearly 3 million users. What feelings do I want to show through my work? Professionalism, ingenuity, inspiration. You are the window shop of your blog. GMALE's core values mirror your values. What are they?

It's probably the best question anyone ever asked me. From the very beginning, it was important for me to do what I do best. So I think that the first value would be diligence. Scrupulousness will be the second value. When I am planning a photo shoot I am thinking about all stuff: clothes, places, props. First of all the places where we take pictures. It is not accidental walls and streets, but thoughtful surroundings that complement styling, not just any backgrounds. The third value will be freedom, freedom above all else.

There are generally two types of individuals. Some who define themselves according to their success and another group are proud of their success but refuse to be defined by what they have accomplished. What category do you fall into and what is your definition of success?

Success is a very individual matter. What for me will be an achievement for you can be a disappointment? Success is consumed by yourself, success builds your self-confidence, and rarely your success will be understood by someone apart from you. I define people by their values. I appreciate success, but I never look through the prism of it.

To concoct a nice outfit, we need tasty ingredients like a handful of good ideas. When you stir an outfit together what is your main recipe? I sincerely believe that if we are at least a little interested in fashion, she will pay us back with interest. Outfit ideas come from knowledge and experience. Look carefully and you will find them.

What is the most important trait of character that you value in someone? Currently? Probably it will be selflessness. More and more people that I meet have lost this quality. I appreciate it all the more.

J B Peterson once said, Like Geppetto who wished that Pinocchio becomes a genuine fully developed individual. We should also wish upon a star to become a genuine fully developed human being. This is the key to dealing with suffering which is inevitable in life. We should stop being a marionette whose strings are being pulled by forces behind the scenes. If we are not properly oriented in life we might become resentful. This is why we must learn how to strengthen ourselves. What are the things you do to build on your inner strength to face life's struggles? It seems to me that with each success I become more resistant to problems. Life is sometimes difficult and if we do not immunize to small things, we will never be able to cope with these really big ones. I am therefore created from experience.

How do you handle criticism? The loudest criticism is always given by those who did not come out, those who were frustrated and unpopular with their achievements. I do not care about them. However, I have never rejected constructive criticism. Without it, I would just come to a standstill.

We have one life and each day which passes by is a testimony that we aren't eternal. What is your lifelong quest?

Be happy… in lifelong term :)

Thank you so much for reading!

(Repost: This interview was published on my blog on the 5th of April 2018)

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