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Hanbin Lee's Poetic Solo Piano - Mama Jaz Grand Concert

I've tried to recall words he intimately shared with us during this magnificent night when the time was hanging still. A beautiful heart-to-heart moment I'm grateful I've experienced—something I'll cherish by keeping his music a little bit closer.

Classical music has always been my shelter, more so when I write. It has the power to trigger my creativity and emotions, into a fireball of passion. I feel it deep in my bones. As far as I can remember, I first fell in love with Ludovico Einaudi, Yiruma, Sleeping at Last and Hans Zimmer. The Instrumentals and piano sounds have always found their way to my heart.

On the 19th April, I took myself on a date at The Caudan Arts Center to listen to Hanbin Lee's poetic solo piano performance organized by Mama Jay. Hanbin Lee is from South Korea and knowing my love for that country, I couldn't wait to sense the imprint of his culture into his waves of sounds.

I was gobsmacked from start to finish. The first notes from the piano keyboard propelled me elsewhere, somewhere where dreams and reality collide. During the show, Hanbin Lee brought us down his memory lane. He held us by the hand to explore places where peace births from the storm. He took us into his childhood where he reminisced about the joy that his parents felt while he played the piano.

I love how between songs he would narrate his story, bringing us closer to where his life and ours could intertwine. As his childhood passed by, he shared a few words about his Mother's poetry. That music was full of melancholia but also happiness and hope. His mom "was" a poet. She had left her art to sustain her family. He heartfully shared how he had cried for days after reading his mom's poetry. While he played that song I felt the notion of not giving up on your dreams.

Happiness! - That song was packed with emotions, a rollercoaster even. I love how Hanbin Lee described happiness.

Happiness is like a river. The water is love. The only way to catch happiness is by walking along the river.

I'll keep that one and make sure to walk along the river even when there's a downfall.

His voice, his second instrument. A beautiful pair that made the show vibrant and powerful. I was in a meditative state once in a while to catch a glimpse of that feeling, floating in the air. I've embraced each second that passed by.

We're back to his story, and this one will bring you hope. Hanbin Lee won his battle against Crohn's disease. He was once between survival and death. He poured all his emotions gathered throughout this journey into Digestion - A song full of raw feelings.

Harmony, another song where he asked questions, and we simply answered. It was a beautiful duo between the artist and the crowd. I love how he brought everyone closer. Beyond our common love for music and art, we were connected by this invisible thread, a spirit of togetherness. This is how I felt.

There are loads of moments during the show that I've held captive. But I hope you've enjoyed this little throwback, on that twinkling night.

Thanks for this soothing soirée, full of hope and reason.

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AnneMarie Williams
AnneMarie Williams
Apr 26, 2023


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