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Change your life by Journaling - my experience

It's been years. Stacked of journals covered with dust, with more than thousands of words echoing my life struggles, pain and its synonyms.. add in affirmations, gratitude and praise to my future self. I can't stress how grateful I've been for the years spent practising journaling. It would be selfish not to share the powerful effect it had on my life and how it can change yours. I started journaling in 2017 when I was in the dark and just like that it shed so much light on my life.

How to get started?

One of the first struggles I had was how to get started. What to write on my blank page? It's only recently, thanks to Aimee NcNee that I was able to find the perfect flow that works for me. When I feel resistant to taking my pen and paper, I start by:

Writing down my inner monologues.

- What am I thinking right now? What are the thoughts that are not serving me? How am I feeling right now? Is that feeling positive or negative? Jot down whatever comes to your mind. The idea is to declutter your mind by putting everything on paper. Shame, blame, pain, happiness and anything that's holding you back.

"I journal my reflections — I take them to the paper. I choose to write them down because it allows clarity. Our head is a loud and noisy place a lot of the time, and getting to witness my thoughts on the page is clarifying. Paper is an orderly place to process complex things. But you must do you. This journey is yours. There is no right way to approach the reflections." - Aimee NcNee.

Gratitude List

Gratitude is key to leading a better life. Being grateful for what we already have instead of chasing what we don't have should be on top of our list. Wake up with a grateful heart to set the tone of your day. Appreciate the little things. It could be birds chirping, the tea your grandma prepared for you or your family. Learn to acknowledge the bright, colourful and, amazing things happening in your life.

Towards your higher self

What did you do today that could have been better? Jot it down, and reflect on your attitude. We have to thrive to become the best version of ourselves. What did you do today that you can improve tomorrow? Before going to sleep, have these types of conversations with yourself. But, please mother yourself towards the process. Don't be too harsh on yourself. We are human beings, and we were never born with a to-do guide on how to lead the perfect life. That's why life is beautiful. We learn through our mistakes, failures, and the good and the bad.

Just speak into existence, who you want to become. You have the power to write the script of your life!

Spoken Word/Affirmations

Write WHO YOU WANT TO BECOME IN THE PRESENT tense. When I first started journaling I was quite reticent. Why should we write down things we want and describe the person we want to become in the present tense? It doesn't make sense, right? Well, it does and I have witnessed many blessings by doing this practice. Your brain cannot differentiate your imagination from reality. Living as if your dreams are yours already is the perfect way to attract your blessings. I've always loved writing and writing has been my best friend and therapy. So, I always wanted to become a writer. Every day from January 2018, I wrote I AM A WRITER. Guess what? On the 21st of May 2018, I got my first job as a content writer (& I hadn't started my studies yet at that time). But, it was no accident because I have been writing on my blog for years. I would say it was through hard work + by writing my goals I was putting my intentions out there in the world.


Voilà, after writing down I AM A WRITER for 5 months, it finally came true. However, during the process, you have to be a SERIAL SOWER and HAVE FAITH LIKE A FARMER. Sow your seed (potential), give it time and work hard to reap your harvest. Don't lose your time watching your neighbours' crops because yours demands enough attention and hard work. Ps: sow your seed in the right soil and use it for its purpose. It's just a matter of time. Believe that it's already yours.

It is the first thing of many things I manifested in life. So, grab your journal and start creating magic in your life.

When I first got started it was more of a freestyle thingy haha I would jot down everything and anything. Your blank page is your safe space.
one of my first journal entries
When I first got started it was more of a freestyle thingy haha I would jot down everything and anything. Your blank page is your safe space, so you decide what you want to write. There is no rule.
Mother Yourself

Hype yourself up, you deserve some praise! Allow yourself to cry or to feel sad but pick yourself up. After your journaling session, you should feel good. Talk to yourself as your 10-year-old self. Be calm, mothering and kind.

Throughout the years my journaling style has changed especially this November when I took Aimee's Journaling course. It's one of the best investments I made recently and I'll surely share all the interesting things I've implemented ever since. So, stay tuned for an in-depth guide to my updated Journaling practice. Thanks a lot for reading. I hope that you'll add journaling to your daily routine and uncover its never-ending magic.

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Proud of you Mary-Grace. Well done. Continue and may God bless you. Grandma Suzie. Love you.


AnneMarie Williams
AnneMarie Williams
Dec 04, 2021

Brilliant and inspiring

Love it

Something for me to think about

Thank you

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