The art of being alone (at home)

I'm alone a lot, but being alone doesn't mean being lonely. Being alone is your way to build your relationship with yourself. Ditch your phone grab your cup of ginger tea to unwind for a while but wait a minute. If you love music as much as I do, you should reconsider leaving your phone behind duh...

The art of being alone or on how to entertain yourself without company...

Ginger Tea, Green Tea... Any sort of hot tea...

A quick trip to the kitchen always ends up with a knife in hand murdering some freshly bought ginger into thin slices, and once it goes on the stove, it gets back boiled, ready to be savoured. My cup of tea is never far away from me. Drinking something hot while my thoughts wander for a while sounds like a perfect tradition I've created for myself. I usually vibe with Hindzsight.


Listening to podcasts is my fav thing to do. I'll share a list with you in a future post.

Pampering time, no need to go extra,

A masque or natural ingredients from your fridge can do the trick. The idea is to unwind while taking care of yourself. Switch off the lights, close your eyes and voilà. With your nicely curated playlist playing in the background, you're ready for wonderland. Who said that we couldn't have a spa while at home?

Educate yourself, enrol in classes, dope your brain with knowledge

These past months have been working on myself by learning new things. Articulating our thoughts is such an essential weapon you need to hone. It all comes down to the knowledge you are acquiring among, other things. These are a few courses I've enrolled in or e-books I've read, from November - December.

  1. Jordan Peterson: Discovering Personality

  2. Amie McNee's: Masterclass on Journaling

  3. Amie McNee's: For The Procrastinator ebook

  4. Jordan Peterson: Self-Authoring to explore your past, present and future

There're also countless free resources available online, but that would be for another post.

You don't have to do anything

It is your reminder that it's ok not to create or do anything. Listen to your body, and cater for your well-being and mental health. Don't feel the pressure to always be on the go, don't feel the pressure to tick everything on your to-do lists. Let loose and enjoy the present moment.

I wish I could say the contrary

But that would be a lie. My alone time is the only time I have to work on my projects. As a creative, I can't keep up with myself in terms of ideas. Even when I sleep, my brain is in turbo mode. During my alone time, I take advantage of my boredom to create. Haha, thinking about it now, I might have got this blog idea while chilling in my pj's cause yes, when I'm at home am always in my pyjama.

I forgot to mention that there are always movies playing in the background. At the moment am in K-Dramas a lot.


I am in no way shape or form Marie Kando, but I love cleaning my space when there's too much clutter. I guess my room shows my mental state. When there's a mess am not doing well and if it's tidy you know good things are coming.

Twinkling Lights & Sleeping at last

I unwind for a sweet dream while listening to Sleeping At Last! Their music soothes the soul.

I hope you've enjoyed reading this post. Until next time, think about enjoying your alone time to unwind and reconnect with yourself.

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