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Sépia, I'm longing to find a show like you again.

Do we crave the same kind of art?

I will never rush shows like this one. Secret treasures - held at the centre of the Caudan Arts. Sépia was an exhibition that was as deep as the Pacific Ocean. It was like diving head first in an ocean brimming with corals. Ceramic dressed up with tinted broken glasses while others bared a plain look, but shined as individual pieces.

Breathing Art, Exhaling peace...

Can I ask you a question? Did you ever felt serene at the sight of clay? Black, white, orange, cream, maroon and anything in between. A palette of pastel colour at its best. Different shapes were born in Séverine Tyack's mind. Clay sculptures that were meticulously fashioned to narrate a story of their own. These ceramics were displayed in such a peaceful setting that the place felt like home. They say looks can kill. Well, Séverine designs pieces that are worth the attention. Every bit of it and I quit counting.

This exhibition was so subtle, so intricate. A beautiful medicine that helps bring awareness in the present moment.

As I paved my way further, new creations winked at me along the way. You get caught up right in the middle of this beautiful spiral.

Feelings come, run and fade to come back again.

I have to salute Savanna Ulcoq's work, whose distinct taste makes everything scream peacefulness.

On the ropes... All by myself in this well-curated space, my soul grasped it all. Too many details, to take it all in, in one go. But, too many details are what am looking for. Am gobsmacked, and who wouldn't? Long hours with little fingers dip in clay. Long hours to serve us an exhibition of high calibre. Like music, Sépia tells a story which speaks to you in your way.

I always chase that particular feeling for it to run away. But, as I check in the rear-view mirror I can enjoy that feeling again.

My eyes couldn't stay still. I'm longing to find a show like this once again.

As with every exhibition I like to venture to the edge of the details. Those that need one or two glances to be visible to the human eye. It comes as little cracks. Perfection, dressed as imperfections, like the crooked rim gives character to the ceramic. The pieces are raw, organic and a reminiscence of childhood, and broken dreams maybe.

These pieces were born from an obsession with corals stranded on the shore as waves smashed them back and forth to mould them into their distinct shape. In this case, Séverine moulded each one, piece by piece.

How amazing it is to witness Séverine Tyack's creations. If you've missed the exhibition, the adventure continues on her Instagram page @myceramicadventure.

Stop by to rinse your eyes with beauty in the form of clay.

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AnneMarie Williams
AnneMarie Williams
Mar 08, 2023


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