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Naturaliste by Laurie Madelaine, Soles: a tale from rags to riches

Laurie Madelaine turns waste into gold. From the 2nd to the 21st of June 2023, Laurie Madelaine's art show Naturaliste was held at IMAAYA Art Gallery. It was a beautiful tale from rags to riches. I've never seen fragments of soles collected on trails transformed into beautiful art. At first glance, I could sense the colossal work behind this work of art. Picking each sole to create a Mosaic with colours that could be twins or sisters.

This art expo was perfect from head to toe.

Soles reborn as insects.

So, I fell in love with these little pieces once scattered in the mountains. I'd like to imagine the thrill she had bringing these pieces closer to the public. How did this idea spring into her mind? This question is still lingering in my mind.

If there's a next time, I'd ask her the when and why.

Laurie blends the soles in her paintings, maybe on mountains where they were once found, laying crooked on the ground. Now, they rest in their frames not far away from where they came from.

The murmuring voice behind each art echoed patience, meticulousness, and the desire to showcase waste as your friend.

"She turned me into an invertebrate with two pairs of wings" - Sole

There's something precious about these sculptures. Don't you agree? They are here to stay and they don't care where they came from. Some kept their stains which is a proud reminder that dirt can turn nicely.

I'm always in awe of the creativity of artists. They look for clues in their environment, in places that surround us. Since we are too busy we miss the work of art in nature. Laurie paid attention to nature, she remained open to nature's calling and turned clues into ideas.

I believe that mindfulness is your ticket to creativity.

The universe is yelling at us. Throwing ideas at us. But, we are curled on our phones or invested in addictions. They paralyse our thoughts, holding our ideas hostage.

If you pay enough attention you'll see the colours of the soles match the paintings. They are one. She even kept the brand names. I love her vision and creative signature.

I just peeked at her Instagram to see what she was up to. It looks like she is still in search of treasures around the Island. Catching soles and other objects to bring them to life a second time.

How beautiful life is. Laurie encounters waste and rewrites their story with a happy ending. These soles would have taken years to disappear slowly. Now, they will spend their lifespan on shelves or hanging on walls nicely.

This letter is long overdue but it's never too late to share this show with you. It might be a year later, but the flavour remains the same.

Naturaliste is your invitation to see waste differently.

I'm so happy art is my bestie.

Am I legitimate to sit down and write about an artist's craft?

It's a question that I can't escape when I put words together. Art is creativity. Creativity can be interpreted differently, and I'm happy to document my feelings. It creates new pathways in the mind.

Consuming art without causing a ripple effect is an egoistic exercise.

If you consume art, share it around you. Engage with the artist. Do something that will keep art in motion.

Give your thoughts a heartbeat and it will give life around you.

If you lose your sole, can you still walk?

You'll walk barefoot. Soles left on the ground is leading Laurie Madelaine to new locations. These soles might have lost their purpose but now, it’s contributing to Laurie's cause.

It’s a tale about Laurie Madelaine the collector of lost sole fragments.

Shoe rubber in their shrines

A mosaic of plastic, leather, rubber…

No clash of colours just a monochromatic experience. Each of these pieces fits well in place. They are not laying astray on the ground anymore, they are modelling their most beautiful traits.

Laurie Madelaine, thanks for sharing your art with us. It was a one-of-a-kind experience. One year later, I still remember your show. These soles came to you. You’ve bent over endless time - seeing the ground eye to eye- to pick one sole at a time - to bring these soles from rags to riches.

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