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Ki to zorey sal, poilu, gro ou tipti, katoké ena enn zanon pou twa! - Aste Lokal

Apre Kotpiale nou p ale kot katoké,

katoké enn mark lokal, en artiste ki ena la grâce dans so boute les doigt.

Katoké dire: Ki to zorey sal, poilu, gro ou tipti, ena enn zanon pou twa! Vriamem ti ena enn pou mwa…plusieurs meme.

They say diamonds are a girl’s best friend. But when you are the “boho girl” that stacks bracelets that are far from your Swarovski charm bracelets, facts, check-in, diamonds ain’t my best friend. But local treasures beautifully crafted by our local talents are my go-to choice.

Last year, I stumbled across katoké's collection of earrings and my jaw dropped. Her insta page was loaded with breathtaking earrings you could only imagine in your dreams. Her style is unique, and recognizable in an ocean of creations. I remember I saw someone wearing beautiful mix-and-match earrings while lining up at Oceans' Basket and I was like damn these came straight from Katoké's mind. There's no doubt.

Katoké, La crème de la crème of local brands

Koleksion Lockdown

When you buy katoké's earrings you’re signing up for originality and QUALITY. I repeat QUALITY. The materials speak for themselves. They don’t change colour after 1 or 2 weeks. They simply resist the test of time. I bought my earrings last year and I assure you, they still scream perfection.

Li ti poste dans so story des trois zanon comsa le 10 Mars 2021,

‘ek moi pendant confinement mone dire pkoi pas…

Mo mari content ki aster mo fer parti du katoké gang

C pas mo premier zanon, mais mo fier mone aste lokal

Ceki mo content ek katoké c so ORIGINALITÉ,

koleksion Payzaz dan fatak

Each earring reflects katoké's DNA 🧬 a mix of abstract designs and punchy colours that will style hairy, small, big ears and anything in between. I’ve tried to make her creations justice with these pictures, but those on her page eclipse mine. So, you better check her insta page right now!

So bane zanon c de l'art lor to zorey. Bane detail la, top!

Unique earrings made with love by Katoké

Watching her earrings is like watching eclectic art dangling on your ears. None looks alike and if you pay enough attention, details will crop up like stars in the sky. She pours so much passion and love into what she does, that each earring brings a smile to whoever crosses its path. Everyone needs one of Katoké's earrings because each pair is unique just the way you are!

Katoké Moris

I'll keep my review short and simple because each of her creations is worth a thousand words. If you are looking for a one-of-a-kind earring, you know where to go next - At Katoké...

"Zafer handmade - Si to toké, to ok! 😎🐒" - Katoké

Thanks for reading!

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