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Aste Lokal: Supporting Local Brands

Red, Blue, Yellow, and Green make up the colours of our beloved country.

As one people, as one nation,

we should help each other,

support each other and

celebrate our wins.

Aste Lokal is a category on my blog that sheds light on our talented Mauritian creators, entrepreneurs, artists, manufacturers, service providers, food growers, and local merchants you name it.

It will be a space where you'll discover different brands,

appreciate the Made in Mauritius,

find reviews on products,

a place to support the local label.

Why buying local is important?

It benefits everyone: the community and the economy.

We make a conscious decision to empower our local economies.

That little change in the way we consume can create a powerful ripple effect.

It keeps the wealth within our community.

Reduces carbon footprints, which reduces air pollution and fuel consumption.

In this challenging economic climate, it's the best way to help our local business flourish.

It helps our community feel connected and encourages the local business culture.

Aste Lokal, is a mindset. The next time you buy something. Ask yourself: "Can I find what am looking for from local businesses?"

We have so many local businesses and if you browse on Instagram or other social media platforms, they are usually a click away!

Together we can make a difference.

Thanks for reading.

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