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Interviews & Its purpose.

One of my passions is sharing people’s stories, work and life experiences. I started a blog called 6 Pins In A Shoe in 2010 ( ) Am not posting there anymore, but you can still read some of my old interviews.

So, I started my blog about fashion which slowly evolved into a space where I would feature fashion bloggers and ask them questions in regards to their work and passion. Sharing stories made me so happy. Having a platform where I could celebrate their wins and share their purpose was such an inspiring experience.

This is why for the past months I've been working on creating a website. A place where I could have a blog and a podcast in one space.

I believe that a person’s story can be so powerful and have so much impact on people's life - that it’s worth sharing. ✨

This is why I interview people. So, they can share their journey towards their dream and inspire you along the way to believe in yours.

I'll interview people from different backgrounds and cultures about different topics ranging from business to personal experiences, mental health issues and more.

The interviews are all about going into someone else's shoes for a brief moment.

6 PINS IN A SHOE, is a community where we can connect, inspire each other and celebrate our individuality.

Thanks for being a part of it ✨✨

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