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âme cœur, you are already a classic in many hearts

After piercing our hearts and souls with his words, Ryan Krishna Appadoo, Daarka, blessed us with a film called âme cœur. How can I describe my experience, when I'm still processing that film? Our feelings might collide but they will never feel the same. Through the actors, themes, languages, lights, imageries, music, dialogues and pauses - the film planted seeds in our minds and they are still simmering in mine. That's how powerful his film was.

I was clueless about the masterpiece I was about to witness

âme cœur felt like a balad, a waltz

Through his creation, he took us by the hand and we tiptoed into his maze - where each path was a window on a subject that needed light. These seeds need our intervention. We are the light that can bring these conversations to life.

âme cœur braids thoughts, builds bridges and untangles tongues

Some topics were a bolt of lightning you wouldn’t expect but felt coming. My friends and I untangled our tongues to reflect on the film. There are some questions we’ve never asked ourselves. Thank you, Ryan, for building these bridges for us.

âme cœur unties knots in the heart

Teardrops fell on the ground, stirring many emotionally. The stories echoed scenes that some have experienced closely. You can’t leave your seat without having felt tickles in the heart. I can't help but think that this story chose him.

The actors, playing hide and seek

Some invisible thread tied the main characters. I would love to believe that this type of reality exists. Ryan knitted the plot with a surgical flair that pierced many. In that room, my friends and I were anchored. The ending left no crumbs.

âme cœur is a film you can’t miss out!

The production of âme cœur left me gobsmacked! The music was beautiful. The close-ups made me feel next to the characters. Its lineup of actors kept us on our edge. They were like rainbows, refracting their gift through the screen. Their prowess sweats hard work. I’ll go back with my friends and family, but I’ll be emotionally ready this time.

âme cœur is not just a film

After the avant-premiers were held, I knew it wasn’t a dream. Indeed, It seems that our emotions and interpretations collided at an intersection - where the themes presented to us, spoke to us. I saw it through my peers who shared their views—acclaiming the film âme cœur as a masterpiece. I’ll dare to say, that this generation will remember âme cœur as a classic.

âme cœur is a local gift we all needed to unveil

My grandparents shared a few TI ZISTWAR when I was a kid. But, never in a million years, they’ve shared a local movie that could be passed down generations. Like TI ZISTWAR that should be left on our bookshelves. âme cœur should be a film we can easily access and share with our loved ones - to keep these conversations going.

Once in a while, you have these tremendous talents that storm into this world with their art. Mauritians should be proud to have an artist like Ryan. He overflows with talent and magic. What's left for us is to connect the dots and support his creations.

This film will make a lot of noise - I can already hear it. 

I'm writing this letter after the avant-premiere. I hope it will shake you off your seat and lead you to âme cœur. 

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