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Nothing looks as it seems, even its name…

6 PINS IN A SHOE  is more than just a number and words put together. It is a space that introduces you to stunning human beings and beautiful souls who have a story to tell.

We celebrate their work and individuality. Yes! (WE) the beautiful community.

I share people’s work and passion through deep talks, and raw conversations. There’s no hiding, only the truth, to help YOU, INSPIRE you!


Empowering through vulnerability helps the world to become a better place.

And that’s what our special guests do!

And that’s why 6 PINS IN A SHOE brings you into their shoes...

About Me

Hi, I am Mary-Grace from Mauritius. The founder of 6 Pins In A Shoe, the platform that brings you closer to talented entrepreneurs, artists and innovators.

Through interviews and with Bla Bla In A Shoe podcast, my aim is to inspire you into action.

 Ever since I can remember, writing has been my escape. Words sing in my mind and soothe my soul. It brings me to unexplored territories, scattered with the wonders of life. This space is my blank canvas, where each word counts like a heartbeat.


I hope this place makes you feel at home. 





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